Tips To Crack Board Exams

As exams are on the way, the main problem that arises while doing studies is lack of concentration, difficulties in understanding a subject, lack of time, stress & tension of exams. Usually, it happens that the moment exams come near, students start taking tension. stress & being nervous every time, which affects their performance & leads to poor results.

Now a days students are stereotyped & like to do the things as they see other’s are doing & that’s the wrong way as everyone have their own capability, spirit & potential that helps them to achieve desired results.

Students should focus on how to manage their time in such a way that would lead to better results & good grades.
Here are some of my tips for the students on how to manage your time & get good results-

1) Have a habit of doing Meditation daily for at least 30 minutes as it relaxes your mind & increases concentration level.

2) Make a schedule in which time to be devoted in a particular subject is to be mentioned with a break of 45 minutes.

3) Never study for long hours continuously as it will make you feel tired every time leading to a lack of interest in studies.

4) Have a habit of reading English newspapers daily in the morning as it helps in enhancing your knowledge & improves your reading skills.

5) Make a copy in which make a habit of writing daily what all you did in a day.. As it will improve your writing skills.

6) Take out half an hour for playing sports because a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

7) Have a proper sleep of about 7 hours at least it keeps your mind fresh all day.

8) Wake up early in the morning & sleep early at night as it’s good during exam time.

9) Have a habit of studying in the morning as morning time is the best time to study & to retain whatever you have studied in your brain for a long time.

10) Avoid eating fast food instead of this include green vegetables, lentils & pulses, fruit juice & citrus fruits in your diet during exams.

11) Make a habit of revising once in a day in the evening about the topics you have covered in particular subjects in a day.

12) Never take your studies as a burden rather it should be as all other tasks you do in a day.

13) Always believe in yourself.

14) Last but not the least have positive thinking, it motivates & lifts up the spirit.

I hope our tips will definitely help you a lot.

So start following them. All the best 😊!!!

Kasturi Life Coaching Services.

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