Love Versus Arranged Marriage.

Marriages are made in heaven, everyone agrees. Wedlock is the most essential & important step which means the time of bringing stability in life. It’s the most crucial part of life which requires maturity, capable of being independent in terms of financial & personal matters of spouse, loyalty, trust & mutual respect for those who actually understands the real meaning of being married.It’s been prevalent in our society that it’s totally based on destiny. It’s been decided earlier before birth by God about the one & only special person who will add up in our life & make our life beautiful.

It’s been said God knows us well that’s why God’s decision is best for us. At first, people don’t realize it, but with the passage of time they come to know that really God is the best decision maker in terms of matrimony. People hold different viewpoints regarding marriage, some believe in making this choice by themselves while another believes this choice needs to be made by the parents. Both cases of choice have merits and demerits as well.

Love Marriage: love marriage is the most usual and even used to be known as the best form of marriage nowadays which was not accepted in earlier times. In love marriages it’s our choice where we set out to choose the partner by itself. We decide by our own who will be most suitable & even right match for us while passing time with a particular person, we begin to know him, his personal life and his hobbies & interests better by having some leisure time with that person.

For example, any person working in the same office or living in the same locality, we come to know a person better because in that way we come to know many things that will be suitable with us or not, we come to know what are his or her future plan regarding Career, regarding personal life, what are his or her values in life, what is his or her viewpoint in terms of family, this helps us to find  out whether a particular person is the right person made for us or with whom we will be more compatible. This kind of marriage is most common today’s time. On the other hand, there are some demerits also of love marriages that parents mostly don’t agree with the choice, there is a lot of difference in viewpoints of in-laws & daughter-in-law difference in their lifestyles due to which daughter- in-law is not easily accepted by the groom’s family even It takes years for a daughter-in- law to become a member of a family.

Arranged Marriage: Arranged Marriage is the most usual form of marriage & used to be the best since earlier times. It was used to be the most successful form of marriage where we turn over this decision to our parents with the affirmation that parents know us better so their choice will be the best for us. The proposal gets fixed by parents, but only after we pass them the surety whether we are interested or not in marrying to a particular person.

In an arranged marriage lots of adaptations are there in terms of Of lifestyles, norms & values, customs & traditions. For a girl its like a journey that begins with making adjustments & ends with being a good wife, daughter- in-law & a good mother.Arranged marriage is the most common form that is accepted today also even in many places due to the fact that is prevailing in our patriarchal society that marriage is the decision to be taken by parents only. If we talk about which one’s form of marriage is successful, then the answer would be both the marriages are good & fine having equal importance, merits & demerits as well, both the marriages are good & fine having equal importance, merits & demerits as well, but the successful form would be only the one in which adaptations are there from both the sides from daughter in-laws and in-laws, as well as which will have mutual respect, trust & loyalty between the partners.The marriage, which will sustain all these will be the most successful marriage. Marrying a person is one thing, but building a marriage successful is the most crucial task that totally depends on us which determines the success of a marriage.

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