How To Protect Your Child From Upcoming Wave Of Coronavirus.

The changing environment and the increasing havoc of Coronavirus have shaken the whole world. When the coronavirus started last year, we didn’t take it seriously and spent that time like a break from busy life.
But this year when the second wave of the coronavirus started and slowly emerged as a pandemic, it alerted us that we should not take anything lightly. 

This pandemic has taught us to give priority to the safety of yourself and your family. And now the third wave of the coronavirus is set to arrive between September and October which will have a direct impact on the health of children below 18 years of age. The first question that comes to the mind of all parents at this time is how to keep their children safe from the third wave of Coronavirus.

Keep these things in mind to protect your children from the third wave of the coronavirus.

1) Whenever you go out with children or children are playing outside, first of all after coming home, teach the habit of washing hands.

2) Teach children the habit of washing hands in the afternoon, before serving snacks in the evening, and before dinner at night.

3) Green vegetables such as capsicum, pumpkin, okra, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, ginger, onion and potato, mango, watermelon, banana, papaya, pineapple in fruits, green moong, kidney, white in pulses Chickpeas, red lentils, eggs, khichdi, which are rich in vitamin C, proteins and zinc, which increase immunity.

4) Do not give fast-food as much as these things affect the digestive system, if children ask, make them potato snacks, upma, dhokla, roasted peanuts, poha.

5) Whenever children have cough or a cold, learn to use tissue paper and treat it in the starting only when there is a mild cold and cough. 
Give them cough drops & herbal tea, so that cold and a cough do not increase.

6) Keep your kids active.

Motivate children for exercise and any kind of sports for at least one hour every morning. Play with them yourself. This gives encouragement to the children and also their parents time. 
At the same time they learn how important exercise and sports are to their health.

7) Do not make the children a habit of watching TV after having dinner.

Do not make the children a habit of watching TV after having dinner, instead, keep your children busy in some other work. Like talk with them on any topic. Learn to play indoor games like chess, ludo, carrom, business game.

8) Bring children things related to their hobby and motivate them to learn something new.

9) Teach children not to touch their eyes, ears and nose as it increases the chances of infection.

10) Motivate children to stay at home.

Create a healthy environment for the children at home in this period due to Coronavirus. Give them a balanced diet, healthy snacks, exercise and sports and your time.

11) Teach children about the coronavirus.

Teach children about the coronavirus, talk to them, answer whatever questions they have in their mind and teach them not to afraid of the coronavirus, it is to drive away and for this it is necessary for them to strengthen themselves physically and mentally.

Share your views.

Happy Reading. 😊😊

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